Smart delivery chassis

Develop engineered bacteria as 'living medicines' to deliver vacination agents


Major lack of oral vacines for on-going and new viral infections

Desperate need for widely and easily accessible vaccines

Collaboration with top universities

Seven key features

  • be taken orally as a pill

  • survive the acidic environment of the stomach

  • induce a highly effective combination of systemic and mucosal immunity

  • an indefinite shelf life without need for cooled transportation and storage

  • a low production costs with a bioreactor

  • an high adaptability to a wide range of vaccine agents

  • an unprecedented biocontainment mechanism and stable chromosomal genetic constructs (no plasmids).


More information

About us

LivingMed Biotech is a belgian based start-up company, operating at the intersection of microbiology, engineering and immunology. As a spin-off from Maastricht University, taking advantage of more than 100 years combined experience, we have developed a proprietary engineered commensal bacteria as “living medicines” with a first focus on oral vaccination for prevention of infectious diseases in particular Influenza and COVID19.


  • LivingBiotech is based at the
    “Chanmurly” incubator in Liège
    Clos Chanmurly, 13
    4000 Liège. Belgium
    VAT: BE0748443684

    This is an incubator-facility building close to thecentral station of Liège. We are just 2 minutes away from the highway and easily reachable by public transportation (train/bus).